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Weekends to plan around Delhi

If you are planning a weekend tour nearby Delhi in your long weekend, here are our perfect short trips for Delhiites.

Have the rainy season been attracting you for outing and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere but couldn’t do that because of daily office work?  Well, you can do this here. This year, we are going to get three days weekends due to the Independence Day, which is going to fall on Friday, which means you have lots of time to plan and enjoy the monsoons. We suggest you monsoon getaways around Delhi.

  1. Udaipur + Mount Abu


If you love to be near the royally palace, move to Rajasthan to discover it on your short trip from Delhi. Its mighty palaces and forts present a rural shade in the monsoons, move for Udaipur to enjoy the royal family lived. Explore the palaces while taking a horse ride around the town or wet during shopping in a range of flea markets. If feel little irresistible, ride your bike to Mount Abu, the only Hill station with amazing lakes and talkative waterfalls.

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  1. Jodhpur + Jaisalmer


The extensive wasteland of Jaisalmer looks in shades of green at the time of the monsoons where as Jodhpur; the blue city of the state highlights its colour in the rainy days. These wonderful cities look picturesque in rainy days. Palaces are just something like culturally and historically important sites to see. If architectural splendours, history and civilisation are your interest then this will be a perfect short trip from Delhi for weekend.

  1. Pushkar + Ajmer


The holy towns – Pushkar and Ajmer are located on the bank of river. The century-old spiritual place is bordered by many Ghats and the Pushkar Lake which is identified as a legend. Ajmer on the other side is popular as the shrine place of Sufi Saint Moinuddin Chisti, which is known as Ajmer’s Dargah Shariff. It is an important pilgrimage site. Akbar Fort Museum in Ajmer is next other place to travel or you can do shopping near the colourful markets of Pushkar.

  1. Orchha + Gwalior or Khajuraho


You can begin your trip to Gwalior by visiting Gwalior Fort one of the huge and imposing forts in India, head to the Orchha to discover the architectural structures of the Bundela Rulers of 16-17th century. You’ll require a day to see Khajuraho and admire the complex architecture of its temples. Visit here to get a unique experience.

  1. Dalhousie + Khajjiar


It is the most exciting tours from Delhi that you cannot miss. Verdant greenery, cloudy mountains and amazing landscapes, if all these strike your mind then head to Dalhousie and Khajjiar on your weekend. The Pir Pinjal mountain ranges can be a surprising in compare of the huge grazing lands of Khajjiar. Constant breeze with showery rains and the picturesque sight creates a quite interesting site.

There are many places around the capital where you can plan your exciting weekends on upcoming days and enjoy the monsoon. Have happy weekends!

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